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Where to Find Useful Diabetes Information to Control the Disease

By Gary J. Sanders

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that is least understood by the common masses. There are also a whole lot of fabricated tales about it, which makes things even more confusing. In this article, we give you detailed information on all aspects of diabetes, so that you come to understand it far better.

How is diabetes caused?

Diabetes is actually a metabolic disorder wherein the body feels an acute lack of the energy-producing hormone, insulin. Insulin, which is produced by cells in the pancreas, break down the food we eat and convert it into energy, which helps us carry on our daily activities.

Sometimes, this insulin is either deficient due to some autoimmune disorder in the body or because of the body's own capacity to absorb the amount present in it. Either way, the body fails to generate the energy automatically and slowly starts breaking under the strain of it all.

Here are some things to note about diabetes and what it is:

* Firstly, most of us tend to think that diabetes is caused by a wrong lifestyle and / or eating habits. It is important to understand that the above does not directly cause this disorder, though they could be contributing factors for the same. So this is not exactly related to diet or your daily habits.

Hyperglycemia or the presence of excess sugar in the body is the prime indicator of diabetes, but this need not necessarily be caused by sugar intake. In fact, it could well be your excess fat intake that could be the cause of your diabetes.

* People often tend to buckle under the false impression that one has to completely cut off sugar if one suffers from diabetes. The fact, though, is that one should have a moderate amount of sugar, so as to include all food varieties in one's meal. Discuss with your doctor as to how much sugar is ideal for you.

* Eating fruits is not necessarily counter-effective to your diabetes medication. While there are certain fruits such as mangoes, grapes and avocados that are totally loaded with calories and carbohydrates, there are yet others that are quite harmless and actually bestow great benefits on the body. Apples and citrus fruits are best for you if you are suffering from diabetes.

* As concerns vegetables, green leafy vegetables are the best for you, as they are a rich source of Vitamin B and Vitamin C, which naturally contain calorie-reducing properties. Potatoes and corn are best avoided, though.

* Another common concern is that one cannot have carbohydrates in one's diet. They supply tremendous energy to the body. It is not recommended to avoid them altogether from your diet. Ask your doctor to prescribe the ideal diet for you - one in which you can also include carbohydrates.

* Taking Aspirin is considered harmful for diabetics. But a recent body of research claims that this is actually good in moderation, as Aspirin prevents thickening of the arteries, hence reducing chances of heart attacks to that extent. But this medicine also has many undesirable side effects, so it is most advisable to have a word with your physician before consuming the same.

We hope the diabetes information we provided you here helped educate you better on the disorder. Take care of yourself, keep under control and you will be able to live a full life in spite of diabetes!

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