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Diabetic Diet Plans - How to Prepare Effective Diets That Will Bring Your Diabetes Under Control

By Andrew Dixon

Are you struggling with your diabetes problems day and night? Is your search for the truly effective diabetic diet plans seemingly elusive and futile? Well, there is no need to lose hope for diabetic diet plans aren't that difficult to prepare if you know what goes in them. Here I will make your task easier by giving you an idea of what comprises diabetic diet plans.

Lunch diabetic diet plans

• Your diabetic diet plans for lunch can include among other things a turkey sandwich and citrus fruits like guava, Indian goose berry or beet root soup or stew.
• To make your diabetic turkey sandwich, you should use 2 slices of whole wheat bread or brown bread with which you have to cover 1 ounce of turkey and to add taste you can use 1 ounce of low fat cheese and a table spoon of mayonnaise.
• You may also include grilled sea fish or grilled chicken and other such white meat in your lunch. Eggs are best avoided, but an egg a week is required to give your body sufficient amount of protein.

Diabetic diet plans for supper

• Your supper should provide you with a burst of 635 calories while fortifying you with 65 gm of carbohydrates. Some food items that should be there on your supper menu are 2 or 4 slices of brown bread or dinner rolls manufactured out of whole wheat products and for improving the taste, you can spread a tea spoon of margarine on the bread or dinner roll.
• Along with this you must consume either a citrus fruit salad or a vegetable salad that has been tossed over the fire and stir fried and then garnished with a very little quantity of salad dressing that is low on fat.
• You can also have 4 halves of apricot, either canned or frozen but they have to be unsweetened. If you still feel hungry you can have small slices of angel food cakes or fruit cake.
• Either for lunch or supper you can take 4 ounces of chicken breast - broiled and you can garnish it with basil leaves and oregano on top; 2/3 cup of brown rice - cooked and ½ cup cooked carrots or beet root.
• And of course, all diabetic diet plans are incomplete without 16 to 18 glasses of water per day.

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