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How Diabetes Affects Your Sexual Health

The relationship between diabetes and sexual health was long established. Avicenna(960-1037) who  made reference to the collapse of sexual function as a complication of diabetes in his reference work.
In men with diabetes erectile dysfunction is three times more pronounce than in men without diabetes,it will also be of beneficial to mention here that inability to achieve and sustain erection may be the first systom of diabetes which is a deviation from the traditional symptoms like excessive urination,dehydration and  weight loss.
Why these condition arsises in men with diabets include long period diabetes,aging,damage to small blood vessels and nerves leading to the penis,depression and inadequate control of blood sugar.It is also important to distinguishe erctile problems caused by psychological causes from that caused by diabetes  while in the formal nigt time and morning erection are preserve in the later these are absent.
In women with diabets there would be decrase in sexual desire,painful intercourse and inadequate lubrication and poor sexual arousal which leads to marital frustration for married women and pschological and emotional problems to women with disabetes.